Report: Fatal Car Accident in Marblehead

According to a recent news article from the Marblehead Patch, a single-car accident resulted in the death of local Massachusetts writer.  There were many witnesses to the accident, and one bystander not only called 911, but stayed with the victim and her dog until first responders arrived. The woman was said to be in a state of partial consciousness following the accident.

car crashAuthorities have said the woman was traveling on a residential street when she lost control of her vehicle and crashed into a tree.  It is not known why she lost control of the vehicle, and they are conducting a full investigation into the cause of this fatal Massachusetts car accident.When paramedics arrived on the scene, they did what they could to stabilize this victim before they transported her to a local level-one trauma center.  Unfortunately, her injuries were too severe and she was soon pronounced dead.  Witnesses have said her dog was in the car with her at the time of this deadly accident, and animal control officers were called to the scene to check on the condition of the dog before taking it to a veterinarian.  They said the animal did not appear injured, but they took it as a matter of precaution.

As is the case with any fatal car accident in Massachusetts, the state police accident reconstruction team was called in to assist local police to determine the cause of the accident.  This unit has the training and expertise to hopefully determine the cause of the accident.

As our Boston auto accident lawyers can explain, the police investigation can play a major role in determining the cause of an accident, and therefore can pay a major role in your car accident lawsuit.  In many cases, the report will identify who was at-fault and your car accident lawyer can use that to help get a settlement in your case that involves a full and appropriate financial recovery. However, in some cases the police will find that you are responsible or say that there is not enough information to determine who is at fault.

This does not mean you do not have valid claim in all cases.  However, it does make things more complicated.  While it is true that if you are at-fault, there is not likely a way for you to recover for your injuries, if there is a question as liability, you may still be able to recover.  In cases where there is no question as to liability, the car insurance company will call it a clear liability case.  In cases where liability (fault) is at issue, they may initially deny your claim.  When they do this, many people will give up and not pursue their claim further.  This is what the insurance companies want you do, since they make money by collecting premiums and denying claims.

However, if you go to an experienced car accident lawyer, he or she may be able to demonstrate that he or she can prove liability, or at the very least, it will cost the car insurance company more to defend the case that it would cost them to settle.

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Woman Killed in Marblehead Car Crash, January 30, 2017, By Taylor Rapalyea, Marblehead Patch

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