Eight Injured in Serious Chelmsford, Mass. Car Accident

According to a recent report from The Boston Herald, eight people were sent to the hospital after a multi-vehicle crash in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.  The accident happened in front of a local restaurant and involved a Nissan Altima and a Honda Accord.caraccident3

Authorities have said the accident occurred prior to four in the afternoon when the driver of the Honda Accord was trying to turn into the restaurant parking lot.  Allegedly, the driver of the Honda cut off the other driver when trying to pull into the lot, and this caused the Nissan to crash into the rear of the Honda.

When the cars collided, the driver of the Honda lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a third vehicle, which was a Subaru Legacy.  The Legacy was being driven by a mother with her child in the rear seat. At this point, the Honda spun into the restaurant parking lot and came to a stop.

First responders were called to scene and determined that all six occupants of the Nissan Altima had suffered personal injuries as result of the Boston car accident and transported them to local hospital. While the exact condition of these victims is not known at this time, it has been reported that the injuries are not believed to be life threatening.

The two occupants of the Legacy were also injured, though the first responders stated their injuries were not serious; however, out of an abundance of caution, they felt it was best to take them to the hospital.

Local police said they are continuing to investigation this three-car auto accident and stated they will likely be citing the driver of the Honda Accord with at least one moving violation for failing to yield to a vehicle with right of way when changing lanes.

One thing to keep in mind is that even when it is not readily apparent if your injuries are that severe, it is always better to accept a ride to the hospital when first responders make such an offer.  There are a variety of reasons for this.  The first is that you may not know how injured you truly are immediately after the accident. In some car accidents, the victims are in a state of shock (not medical shock), and do realize how badly they are hurt until the adrenaline subsides and they calm down.

There is a decent chance that you may be feeling differently when you are sitting in the hospital than you did at the scene of the car accident.  Moreover, some injuries will not become apparent until a day or two after the accident. For example, when you break your ribs or bruise an intercostal space, the pain will typically be a lot worse the next day and even two days after the accident than it is in the immediate aftermath.

Seeking prompt medical attention will allow doctors to check you out and make sure you are okay and receive the best possible treatment.  You will also have a medical record to show to your experienced car accident lawyer.

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