Former Boston Mayor Ray Flynn in Car Accident

According to a recent report from the Boston Globe, Ray Flynn, former mayor of Boston, was just involved in a car accident while driving home from the gym.  He reportedly crashed his car into his neighbor’s South Boston home, which now has a large hole in the brick basement wall.

p-use-ya-blinka-sign-300x184Authorities say the 76-year-old man was returning home from a late morning workout at the Boston Athletic Club and was attempting to parallel park his car on the street in front of his neighbor’s home.  At this point, Flynn allegedly “lost his bearings” and also lost consciousness.  Flynn said that when he woke up a few minutes later, he realized that his car had crashed into his neighbor’s home. 

He also said that he suffered a concussion during this South Boston car accident. Following the crash, first responders were called to the scene to provide immediate medical attention to the former mayor.  Since he potentially suffered a closed head wound with possible traumatic brain injury (TBI), which is technically what occurs during a many concussions, he was taken to a local Boston hospital for a full examination and any needed treatment.

The house with which the car reportedly collided was being rented to a woman who was new to the area.  She said her landlord called her and told her what happened, as she was at work when the Boston car accident occurred.  He told her to go home and gather as many of her things as possible, because the home would not be safe to reside in for the near future until repairs are completed. She said she had no idea the former mayor lived on her street.  She also said that when she arrived home, the hole in wall was being covered temporally by plywood sheets, as contractors were already on the scene dealing with the damage.

Fortunately, nobody was on the street when the car accident occurred, but others who live on the block did hear the crash.  One woman was taking a shower and said she heard what she believed was large construction sized dumpster being dropped on the street.  Another man was in his home and said he at first thought the sound was some type of gas explosion.

All of his neighbors interviewed for the article expressed their best wishes for him to make a complete recovery, and they all talked what kind of person he was and how he was well-liked by the whole community.  However, one woman who lives on the street says she doesn’t understand how he could have been going fast enough on the narrow street to cause his black SUV to crash through the brick wall of the home.

Flynn was first elected as mayor of Boston in 1992 and then won again in the following two elections.  He left he job as mayor to become the United States ambassador to the Vatican.

There is also a park scheduled to be named in Flynn’s honor in regard to all he has done for the city of Boston over the years.

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