As Holiday Travel Increases, Car Accidents in New England More Likely

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, nearly 92 million Americans across the country will be traveling more than 50 miles away from their home during the holidays. This is a rough 1.5 increase from the previous year’s records, according to the Boston Globe. The increase in travel with increase your risks of a fatal car accident in Massachusetts and elsewhere throughout New England, where travel is expected to increase significantly.
The holiday travel season is defined as the time from the 23rd of December through the 2nd of January. The Herald News reports that this year’s projected travel records are the second highest they’ve been within the last 10 years. The first highest was in the 2006 – 2007 holiday season with nearly 94 million travelers. These travelers accounted for about 30 percent of the U.S.’s population.

Our Boston car accident lawyers understand that the Christmas and New Year’s holiday period is the longest holiday period of the year, which allows more residents to venture out on vacations. With more people vacationing and busier roadway, our risks for an accident increase substantially. Drivers are asked to be prepared before heading out to avoid an accident. Preparation is safety!

Of the holiday travelers:

-Nearly 84 million plan to hit the roadways for holiday travel, contributing to a more than 2 percent increase from last year.

-More than 5 million will be hitting the open sky for holiday travel, contributing to a near 10 percent decrease from 2010. This decrease is blamed on jet fuel costs and capacity cuts. Officials predict that plane tickets will be more than 20 percent more costly than last year.

-The last 3 percent of travelers will be using trains, buses and watercraft to get to their holiday destinations. The near three million travelers expected to use these modes contribute to the more than 4 percent increase.

Holiday travel within the New England area is expecting a near 2 percent increase from the 2010 figures, which is higher than the national increase. Of the residents in New England, nearly 30 percent are expected to travel over the upcoming holiday period.

Holiday Travel Tips, from AAA:

-Be prepared and plan ahead. Plan out your travel, including rest stops, driving routes and the places offering the lowest gas prices. Keep an eye on the weather conditions, too.

-Get there early. If you’re flying, airports will be crowded and may require extra time to get through security. For fights within the country, get there at least two hours before your plane is scheduled to take off. If you’re headed overseas, get there at least three hours early. Check your flight’s status frequently before leaving your home.

-Stay away from the three dangerous D’s of driving: drunk driving, drowsy driving and distracted driving. All of the conditions are preventable with a little preparation.

Everyone’s urged to enjoy their holiday vacation, but to please do so safely. Let’s all be smart travelers to ring in the New Year safely and injury free!

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