Nebraska Football Punter Sam Foltz Killed in Car Accident

Sam Foltz was a punter on University of Nebraska’s Cornhusker’s football team.  He was the best punter of that team and was also named as the best punter in the Big Ten Athletic Conference of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).  Sadly, his blossoming career was cut short as he was was returning to campus to complete his senior year. He was killed in fatal car accident at the age of 22, according to a recent news article from the Lincoln Journal Star.

mQo4CWyAuthorities say Foltz was a passenger in the car traveling back to campus a few minutes before midnight when the deadly accident occurred.  They believe the driver of the vehicle lost control and crashed into a tree that was planted in the sidewalk alongside the road on which they were traveling.

The pair had just returned from a special training camp for punters when the accident occurred. In addition to his work on the field, Holtz was well respected in the community, as he would often volunteer at the hospital and with other organizations where he could help people.  There is a memorial service that is expected to be heavily attended by those in the school community.

The police have not yet said the condition of the driver of the vehicle or the reason for the deadly car accident. As our Boston car accident lawyers can explain, accidents involving a single vehicle often present different issues than accidents involving more than one vehicle.

When an accident involves multiple vehicles, it is often easier to determine the cause of the accident.  When there is a single vehicle accident, it is easy to assume to the driver was the cause of the accident, but that is not always the case.

However, if the driver of the car accident was at-fault in the accident, you should speak with an experienced car accident attorney as soon as possible to see if you have a valid claim.  While you understandably do not want to name your friend as a defendant in a lawsuit, that is what may be necessary to make sure you get a full and appropriate financial settlement.  As a result of the accident, you may have suffered a considerable amount of pain and also lost work (lost wages) as well as incurred past and future medical expenses and rehabilitation costs.  However, it should also be noted in the vast majority of cases, your lawyer will be able to negotiate a fair settlement without the need of having to file an actual court case.

However, as noted earlier in this posting, it is not always the driver’s fault even in a single vehicle car accident.  It may have been that another vehicle was involved in causing the accident, but not the accident itself.  For example, if a car makes and illegal lane change or does not signal and cuts off another driver, the other driver may have to take evasive action to avoid being hit.  When he takes this evasive action, it often results in that car losing control and crashing.  The other driver may leave the scene of the accident, and may not have even realized he or she was the cause of the accident.

You should discuss this with your attorney during your initial consultation.

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