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The majority of Boston car accidents involve more than one vehicle. Many of these are fender-benders with two vehicles, though chain reaction crashes are fairly common on highways and other roads with heavy congestion. car accident

However, getting rear-ended or t-boned may by another car or truck may not be the most dangerous scenario you encounter. In fact, 1 in 5 fatal accidents involves a single vehicle that runs off the road, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Single-vehicle accidents carry their own challenges in terms of compensation. While multiple-vehicle accidents usually have multi-person/ business liability, the same is generally not to true for single-vehicle crashes. There is often only one person to blame – the driver. There may be exceptions in cases where the driver was impaired (per the principle of dram shop liability for violation of MGL Ch. 138 section 34), or in cases where the road was improperly maintained or the vehicle defectively manufactured.

By-and-large, though, single-vehicle crashes are the fault of the driver. In these instances, drivers may be entitled to compensation through their own insurer, while passengers could receive compensation from driver’s insurer and potentially their own uninsured/ underinsured motorist coverage carrier.

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Chicopee, Massachusetts is home to Westover Air Reserve Base, which was the site of fatal car accident that result in two dead, according to a recent news report from NECN.  The driver was operating the vehicle outside of the base when it allegedly crashed into the parameter fence, hit a cement truck and burst into flames.

airplaneThe Massachusetts State Police (MSP) stated immediately afterward they were investigating cause of this deadly crash but quickly issued a statement saying there is no indication that this was in any way related to an act of terrorism, but the investigation is still underway.  Continue reading

Sam Foltz was a punter on University of Nebraska’s Cornhusker’s football team.  He was the best punter of that team and was also named as the best punter in the Big Ten Athletic Conference of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).  Sadly, his blossoming career was cut short as he was was returning to campus to complete his senior year. He was killed in fatal car accident at the age of 22, according to a recent news article from the Lincoln Journal Star.

mQo4CWyAuthorities say Foltz was a passenger in the car traveling back to campus a few minutes before midnight when the deadly accident occurred.  They believe the driver of the vehicle lost control and crashed into a tree that was planted in the sidewalk alongside the road on which they were traveling. Continue reading

Boston is the worst.crosswalk1

That is, if you’re driving. Or on a bicycle. Or walking somewhere.

As Boston car accident attorneys, we could have told you that based on our decades of experience. But we’re not the only ones who know. In 2015, Allstate ranked 200 major U.S. cities for the best and worst drivers in the country. Boston ranked dead last. 200th. Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise either that Worcester, MA ranked 199th, Springfield ranked 196th.

So given what we know about the poor driving habits in Boston and beyond, what can we do about it? Continue reading

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