Reality Star Savannah Chirsley Suffers Broken Vertebrae in Car Accident

According to a recent news report from Entertainment Weekly, Savannah Chrisley, start of the reality television show, “Chrisley Knows Best”, suffered broken vertebrae as a result of a serious car accident.  In addition to the broken vertebrae, Chrisley has said she is also experienced a great deal of pain throughout her entire body.

carThe 19-year-old star released an Instagram post that showed a picture of herself in a hospital bed wearing a cervical collar brace, which is the type of neck brace often used for victims of serious accidents when it is necessary to keep the head and neck stabilized.   In her Instagram post, the young star stated that she was driving and her floor mat had shifted so it became lodged behind the vehicle’s pedals.  She then looked down briefly to try to move it away from the pedals. At this point, Chrisley said she realized she was headed right for a guardrail.  She tried to move out of the away, but she did not have enough time to avoid hitting the guardrail, and her car did in fact slam into the metal barrier with a significant amount of force.  Additionally, she said that because the airbags in her vehicle properly deployed and she was wearing a seat belt, she was not injured nearly as much as she would have been had it not been for these safety devices.

Chrisley also thanked a person whom she called a good Samaritan that pulled over and rushed to see if she was okay and called 911.

As our Boston car accident lawyers have seen in far too many cases, even taking your eyes off the road for a fraction of second can, and often does, result in serious injury or death. In fact, distracted driving can be just as dangerous as drunk driving, and in many ways it is a far bigger problem, since it happens much more frequently.

In some cases, were are talking about texting while driving.  In other cases, we see people eating while driving or even putting on makeup. Even though people do these things all the time, they are not what a jury would likely consider actions that a reasonable and prudent person would do.  The reason we are discussing the concept of the so-called reasonable and prudent person is because the reasonable and prudent person standard is an integral part of the negligence tort in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

This is important, because virtually every car accident lawsuit filed in Boston would be filed under a theory of negligence. The only real exceptions would be if someone intentionally hit another person with his or her car. If that were to happen, and those cases are few and far between, it would be filed under a theory of assault and battery.  The person would also likely be charged with the crime of assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon (a car), and possibly attempted murder or murder, depending on the severity of the injuries.

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Chrisley Knows Best’s Savannah Chrisley recovering from broken vertebrae following car accident, January 18, 2017, By Natalie Stone, EW

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