ROAD TRIP! Safest route may help avoid Massachusetts car accidents

When planning your next road trip, wouldn’t it be helpful to know the safest roads to take? We can already choose the shortest route or one that avoids highways. The option to choose the safest roadway is a welcomed alternative.

USA Today is reporting on how the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has started a pilot program to map the safest roads in 8 states. Hoping to add more states the foundation is currently working with Illinois, Kentucky, New Mexico, Utah, Florida, Iowa, Michigan and New Jersey.
Our Boston personal injury lawyers know that even the safest roads can still lead to a Boston car accident if motorists aren’t careful.

Suppose you are planning the family vacation to Disney World. You would log into a website and enter Boston to Orlando. The website would indicate the roads with the most traffic injuries and deaths and those roads with the highest ratings due to their engineering features.

Public interest is high for this data; a recent AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety survey indicated that 73% of drivers would use this information, especially in unfamiliar areas. It is estimated that it will take 2 to 3 years to gather the information.

Road trips are a lot of fun, making your own schedule allows for flexibility and the scenery while driving can be amazing.

Here are some safety tips to make your next road trip as enjoyable as possible:

-Get your vehicle to the mechanic for a quick tune up.

-Plan your route.

-Plan your stops for meals and bathroom breaks or just to stretch your legs.

-Plan your driving time accounting for delays.

-Make sure everyone and everything is secured. Passengers and pets should be properly restrained and all luggage needs to be properly secured.

-Wear comfortable shoes and clothes for driving.

-Have all necessary items, like money for tolls or sunglasses, within easy reach.

-Don’t adjust the car’s controls while you are driving.

-Passengers should help with directions.

-Stop if you get tired even if it is before a scheduled stop.

-Plan for changing road conditions like snow, heavy rain or fog.

-Prepare for a for a vehicle break down by having a charged cell phone at all times.

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