School in Falmouth Holds Memorial for Student Athletes Killed in Crash

According to CBS Local Boston, Falmouth High School hockey players held a memorial in honor of the two players who had been killed in a car accident. This was their first game back on the ice since the tragic event, and emotions where high on the ice and in the crowd.

crashOn that day, two hockey players for the Falmouth Clippers had just finished a Friday afternoon skate and were only a mile and half from the ice rink when they were involved in what turned out to a double fatal car accident.  Both of the victims were not only on the team, but were very close friends.Authorities have said the car carrying the two teens veered off the road at a high rate of speed and crashed into a tree. The car was basically wrapped around the tree when first responders arrived at the accident scene. The driver of the car, who was 17 years old, died instantly and there was nothing paramedics could do for him.  The passenger, also 17 years old, was treated at the scene and transported to a local level-one trauma center, as he was suffering from what were considered life-threatening injuries.

Doctors did everything they could to save this young Falmouth accident victim, but ultimately there was nothing they could do, and he was soon pronounced dead as well.  A few days after their deaths, a funeral was held where hockey players from all around the region were lined up to pay their respects as the funeral procession drove.

At this first game since the fatal accident, the victim’s surviving teammates held their respective jerseys up as they skated around the ice.  Their numbers were 10 and 19, and, as a result of these events, the 1019 Foundation was organized. It should be noted that the police did not release a cause of the accident, and there has been no accusation of negligence.

One thing to keep in mind is that even if the driver of a car is considered negligent and thus at-fault for the accident, the passenger generally does not have any liability.  There are in fact only very rare situations where the passenger is liable, and that would likely involve some type of interference or distraction of the driver that was responsible for the accident.

Since the passenger is generally not liable, he or she can speak with an experienced Boston car accident lawyer about the possibility of filing a claim. While filing a claim against a friend does not sound like the most pleasant thing to do, your attorney will be dealing with the driver’s insurance company adjuster, and there will likely not be any involvement with the friend other than having to give what is known as recorded statement.  While this is not always the case, especially if the case must go to trial, the vast majority of cases are settled long before a case would need to be filed.

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