Report: Residents Witness Bizarre Car Accident

Residents of one small suburban neighborhood were shocked by what they have described as a bizarre car crash, according to a recent report from KOMO News.  The crash occurred when one car crashed into a row of parked cars with enough force to essentially slide under one of the cars, wedging it into a vertical position such that the brake lights were facing the sky, before it toppled back over onto the car that allegedly caused the accident.

crashThe police were called to the scene, and after paramedics checked to make sure nobody was seriously injured as a result of this car accident, officers began conducting an investigation into the cause of this accident.  They did not find any evidence that alcohol or drugs were involved in the accident and believe that the driver of the car that crashed suffered some type of medical emergency at which point he or she lost control of the vehicle.

While the police did not say what type of medical emergency the driver suffered, they did call for an ambulance to have him transported to a local hospital for evaluation and treatment, if necessary.  While car accidents occur each and every day, car accidents caused by a medical emergency are not as frequent.  However, they do happen from time to time, and when they do, injury victims often have a lot of questions for our Boston car accident attorneys.

The first question that often arises is whether it is the driver’s fault if they caused a serious Boston car accident as a result of suffering a medical condition. While this may at first seem like an unfair question, it is important to keep in mind that victim was injured through no fault of his or her own, and we are asking the insurance company of the driver who caused to the accident to compensate that victim.

The answer, however, may depend of the nature of the medical condition and whether the alleged at-fault driver knew or had reason to know that type of medical condition might occur in such a manner that it would cause an accident. For example, if a person is driving down the highway and suffers from a heart attack, there is not likely any way that person would know or have reason to know they would suffer a heart attack at that moment, so they are not likely going to be held negligent.  While it is likely that person’s doctor told them they were at risk for suffering a heart attack one day, there was no way to predict if and when it would actually happen.

On the other hand, if a person suddenly develops some type of seizure disorder and has been having seizures frequently and decides to get behind the wheel, this might be a case where the person is liable.  Again, the issue has to do with whether their actions would foreseeably cause harm to another person.  If the answer to that question is yes, then there is a better chance that the person would be liable.   This is especially likely if it can be shown that their doctor had told them not to drive until the condition was under control, as is often the case.

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