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According to a recent news feature from WCVB Boston, a man allegedly drove an SUV into a crowd of people who were attending an auto auction. This serious car crash occurred in Framingham in the greater Boston area.

Silver SUV

Silver SUV

Authorities say the 78-year-old man was behind the wheel of a BMW when the vehicle began to accelerate unexpectedly and hit several people and cars at the auction house. One witness said he heard a lot of noise and saw people running in every direction. He said there were a lot of banging and crashing sounds. First responders were immediately called to the scene of the accident. One person was very seriously injured and was taken by medevac helicopter to a level-one trauma center in Boston.   Continue reading

Barnstable County, Massachusetts and Cape Cod is known for beautiful colonial homes along the historic coast. According to a recent news article from My Fox Boston, a 20-year-old alleged drunk driver crashed his pickup truck into a Cape Cod house built in 1769.

921217_crashed_carThe historic residence and its adjacent antiques shop is located at the end of Route 130. Authorities say when you come to the end of the road, you have to either turn right on Route 28 or turn left on Route 28, but instead, alleged drunk driver did not turn left or right and headed straight across Route 28 and plowed into the 246-year-old home, while the owners were sleeping inside at around 1:15 a.m. The truck also took out a traffic control box on the side of the road before hitting the house. Continue reading

Car manufacturers have apparently given up on trying to battle driver distraction while the vehicle is in motion. Recently, a number of them have unveiled technologies that are intended to make it easier for drivers to stay connected and communicating while behind the wheel. acar

These include so-called “heads-up” technologies that require the driver to look up at a hovering hologram on their windshield in order to engage the communication system, which can include voice and video calls, social media messages and e-mails.

The idea is driver will have to at least keep their eyes in the general direction of the road, rather than looking down. Manufacturers reason this will reduce crashes because drivers will have their eyes up ahead.

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