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Sometimes we come across an article in the paper, or, more likely on somebody’s Facebook feed these days, and it’s an article about a serious car accident. While we may read a description of the how the car accident occurred and feel sorry for the victims and their families, most people do not realize just how much of a lasting effect a serious car accident can have on those victims and their families unless they have lived through a similar experience themselves.

mG2XP3eThere are a variety of reasons for this, but one of them is that there are very few news articles about what life is like for car accident victims and their families in the months and years following the tragic day when their lives were forever changed. However, one recent article from has followed up with the United States Secret Service agent who was seriously injured in New England car accident in the last few days of this past December. Continue reading

Airbags are supposed to make people riding in cars feel safer. However, when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issues a major manufacturer of airbags with systems on more than a dozen makes of cars the largest civil fine in agency history, customers may question their feeling of safety. Defectively designed products in cars, or cars themselves, can lead to a serious risk of accidents, and these accidents would the basis for negligence action, should a serious or deadly car accident occur.

airbagAs discussed by, a NHTSA project, well in excess of 30 million automobiles are being recalled over defective air bags on both the passenger and driver’s side of the vehicle. The problem is very serious, in that, when they deploy, they could do so with enough explosive force to injure or even kill a vehicle occupant. All air bags deploy with some degree of force, as propellant wafers comprised of sodium azide and potassium nitrate are ignited to produce nitrogen gas. The newly created nitrogen case expands to the fill the air bag. While this is technically an explosive chemical reaction, it is a controlled reaction with enough force to quickly inflate the air bag, and it is not supposed to cause any damage. Continue reading

Car manufacturers have apparently given up on trying to battle driver distraction while the vehicle is in motion. Recently, a number of them have unveiled technologies that are intended to make it easier for drivers to stay connected and communicating while behind the wheel. acar

These include so-called “heads-up” technologies that require the driver to look up at a hovering hologram on their windshield in order to engage the communication system, which can include voice and video calls, social media messages and e-mails.

The idea is driver will have to at least keep their eyes in the general direction of the road, rather than looking down. Manufacturers reason this will reduce crashes because drivers will have their eyes up ahead.

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