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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported in March that 10 automakers are now producing more than half their new vehicles with automatic emergency braking (AEB) technology.

It’s the latest sign that tomorrow’s vehicles will be increasingly reliant upon technology. We need look no further than the current controversy over the grounding of Boeing’s new 737 MAX jet after two fatal plane crashes to see the risks of technology and transportation. Safety officials around the world are zeroing in on the MAX’s computerized safety system after a second fatal airliner crash involving the Seattle company’s new passenger jet. The Seattle Timesis reporting an analysis of the safety system relied upon by Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration was likely fatally flawed amid concern that the pilots received inadequate training on the new jets before they were put into service.

The systems pushes the nose down to prevent a stall,  creating a deadly fight between the pilots and technology. Our defective product lawyers in Massachusetts know such defectives are often responsible for creating risks or exacerbating injuries on the nation’s roadways.

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