Three-Car Crash Allegedly Result of Driver and Passenger Having Sex

According to a recent report from Breibart News, a three-car accident in Texas was caused by rather unusual circumstances.

The driver of one vehicle reportedly crashed into a truck in an intersection.  That’s not the unusual part. When first questioned, the alleged at-fault driver said he was picking up “lady friend” when a gunman ran into his car and got in the backseat.  He said he was in grave fear of being shot and crashed into a stopped truck at an intersection ahead.

mlCAWKuHowever, witnesses to the accident tell a very different story.  Witnesses say the man was having sex with a woman in the car just before the crash.  He then ran into a stopped pickup truck, ran out of the car, and began rolling on the ground.  He was allegedly yelling that he was innocent and also was yelling “justice” and “I didn’t do it.”

Witnesses say he wearing an undershirt and boxers and had nothing else on and no shoes.  The witness said that when he thinks back on what he saw, it was actually quite funny, but he hopes that nobody got hurt in the accident. This witness did not see any gunman, as the alleged at- fault driver claimed jumped in the rear seat of his car.

The woman he was with at the time of the car wreck was said to have run out of the car and got away on a bus before the police arrived on the scene.  Witnesses said this woman looked like “a prostitute wearing a wig.”

When police arrived on the scene and heard his story, they spoke with these witnesses who obviously told a very different version of what happened.  The man was not charged with any crime, but he was issued a civil moving violation for failing to control his speed, and it was noted that he was the cause of a three-car accident. The accident occurred at the end of rush hour and did delay traffic, but there have been no serious injuries reported.

While this story was obviously different than most traffic accidents, it is an alleged example of distracted driving, and distracted driving does result in many serious and even deadly car accidents each year.

While it is not common for someone to get in accident while allegedly having sex in a moving vehicle, distracted driving as a result of texting on a smart phone or putting on makeup are things that happen thousands of times a day, and, as our Boston distracted driving accident attorneys have seen in far too many cases, many of these incidents result in serious motor vehicle accidents.

It should be noted that, while many people engage in distracted driving, many do not realize that it is growing to be a major cause of serious car accidents, rivaling the numbers associated with drunk driving accidents.

If you are the victim of a drunk driving or distracted driving accident, it is important to make sure the police are called to the scene.  In some cases, people will simply exchange insurance information and not report the accident to the police.  If possible, it is much better to have the police come and generate a vehicle crash report.

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