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Modern road de-icing techniques, which employ chemicals over the traditional salt, results in $3 billion in damage annually in vehicle rust damage, according to AAA. U.S. drivers paid approximately $15.5 billion over the last five years on repairing vehicles damaged by rust. The exact extent of the problem is likely even worse because those only account for the drivers who took the time to address their rust-related car problems. car accident attorney

Rust on cars is nothing new. Several businesses capitalize on it, selling special car covers and anti-rust treatments. One episode of the once-beloved NPR show Car Talk focused on the type of havoc rust can wreak on a vehicle. One listener wrote into the show to ask if the owner of a car with excessive rust in the suspension, braking and fuel lines should be concerned with the overall general safety of the vehicle. The hosts responded with an emphatic, “Yes!” noting that while most people think of rust as a cosmetic problem, the reality is that when rust works its way into the structure or frame of the car, it poses a serious safety issue.

Vehicle owners who fail to address obvious rust may find themselves facing a liability lawsuit for negligent maintenance of a vehicle. While we tend to see this claim more often in truck accident cases where large corporate carriers don’t adequately maintain their fleet, we can also bring such a claim against private vehicle owners when there is evidence they neglected to address basic maintenance issues that could foreseeably impact safety and played a role in the crash.  Continue reading

It is hard to imagine anything scarier than being trapped in a car following a serious car accident.  Unfortunately, this was the case for one family, according to a recent news feature from the Boston Globe.

mw76UPwAuthorities report the crash occurred in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood just before eight in the evening.  After multiple vehicles crashed into each other at a major intersection, authorities were called to the scene. When they arrived, they came upon a real mess and immediately went to work rescuing the victims. Continue reading

According to a recent report from Breibart News, a three-car accident in Texas was caused by rather unusual circumstances.

The driver of one vehicle reportedly crashed into a truck in an intersection.  That’s not the unusual part. When first questioned, the alleged at-fault driver said he was picking up “lady friend” when a gunman ran into his car and got in the backseat.  He said he was in grave fear of being shot and crashed into a stopped truck at an intersection ahead.

mlCAWKuHowever, witnesses to the accident tell a very different story.  Witnesses say the man was having sex with a woman in the car just before the crash.  He then ran into a stopped pickup truck, ran out of the car, and began rolling on the ground.  He was allegedly yelling that he was innocent and also was yelling “justice” and “I didn’t do it.” Continue reading

According to a recent news feature from the Eagle-Tribune, an off-duty 20-year veteran of the Boston Police Department struck and killed a high school student while driving in Milton, Massachusetts.

police-cruiser-1066864-mAuthorities say the 18-year-old female student was walking across the street as she was headed to her church.  It was a weekday, and the teen was a tutor for younger students as part of an after-school educational program. As she was walking across the street, the 44-year-old driver, who is a sergeant with the Boston Police Department, allegedly struck her with his vehicle.

The teen was pronounced dead soon after. Continue reading

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