Tunnel Accident in Boston Traps Father & Daughter

A father daughter duo is recovering after their vehicle flipped over as they were driving through the Thomas P. O’Neill tunnel. Luckily, there were two MBTA transit officers who were nearby who came to their rescue and saved them from their overturned car, according to the Boston Globe. Had the officers not of witnessed the Boston car accident, the results could have been tragic.
The accident happened at roughly 2:00 p.m. The two officers were heading North on I-93 on their way to Woburn when they spotted the two motorists in trouble. It all happened when their vehicle suddenly shot forward. The driver lost control, slammed the car into a wall causing it spin and flip over into its roof. The father and the daughter were left trapped in their vehicle. Officers who witnessed the accident were able to use a crowbar from their cruiser to help to release the occupants.

Our Boston accident lawyers understand that driving along our city’s roadways can be a dangerous task. Our city has some of the most hectic traffic patterns, with small lanes of traffic packed with plenty of vehicles. It’s important to keep your full attention on the road when driving, especially when driving through our state’s tunnels. Accidents are likely, but they can be prevented when a driver takes the proper safety precautions. Remember to keep distractions out of the driver’s seat, obey all road signs and posted speed limits and be courteous to all other drivers. We’re all in this together and we need to be cautious to help to keep one another safe.

“They were conscious and they were shaking,” said Detective Patrick Guilfoy. “They were in shock.”

Guilfoy said that he had to cut the seat belt off of the little girl. She was in the back seat with it wrapped around her neck.

After the father and the daughter were rescued from their overturned vehicle, they were both taken to a local hospital to be treated for minor injuries.

Guilfoy said that once the victims were off to the hospital, it was time for their next issue, getting the traffic around the accident scene. It all caused two lanes of the interstate to be shut down.

The driver involved in this accident was ticketed.

When driving through a tunnel:

-Make sure that you keep a good distance between you and the vehicle in front of you. Never tailgate.

-Always obey the posted speed limits, both the minimum and the maximum. Going too slow or too fast greatly increases your risks for an accident. Obey the speed limits and stay with the flow of traffic.

-Never make a U-turn or reverse.

-Don’t stop, except in an emergency. Stopping is how a lot of chain-reaction accidents are started.

-Turn on your low-beam headlights.

-Take off your sunglasses.

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