Two Victim’s Seriously Injured in Massachusetts Car Accidents

According to a recent report from My Fox Boston, two victims are in the hospital after a serious car accident in the greater Boston Area. At least one victim is listed as in critical condition.

mQo4CWyOne witness who spoke with reporters said he saw the crash happen. He said a semi tractor-trailer hit a Honda Civic. He said the truck had suddenly pulled out and hit the car. The force of the crashed propelled the Honda into a telephone pole.

At this point, this witness, instead of just calling the police, pulled his car over and tried to help the victims. He called 911 and stayed at the scene of the accident until first responders arrived. He told them he had been holding one victim’s head for nearly 15 minutes by the time help arrived.

A spokesperson for the local fire department said a 22-year-old victim was seriously injured, but her condition was not life threatening. She was taken to an emergency room in Lowell, Massachusetts. The male driver, however, was much more seriously injured in the car accident. Paramedics decided to call for a medevac helicopter to transport victim to a level-one trauma center in Worcester, Massachusetts. He is listed as being in critical condition with life-threatening injuries.

As is the case with all fatal and most serious car accidents in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Massachusetts State Police, along with the state accident reconstruction team, are conducting a full investigation. This accident reconstruction team is a specially trained unit with the best equipment to investigate serious car accidents and determine causation. They will likely begin by taking photographs and interviewing witnesses, and then move on to taking measurements at the scene of the serious accident. This team has the ability to create computer simulations of car accidents and also to get the on-board recording devices for each vehicle involved in the crash.

Boston car accident lawyers who regularly deal with cases involving serious personal injury have seen data from these “black boxes,” as they are often called, in the past. The black box is similar to what we think of when dealing with a black box on an airplane, but the black box in a car does not record nearly as much. There is no recording of audio in the passenger compartment of the car, and not all ambient conditions are recorded. However, the black boxes can determine which lights were on or off at the time of the accident, the speed of the vehicle, engine RPMs, and other helpful information, such as whether brakes were applied. Car companies install these black boxes on all cars as required by the federal safety laws, but they like to claim the recording mechanisms are proprietary trade secrets. For this reason, the carmakers like officers to send them the box, and they will decrypt the information. While this can delay the progress of an investigation, the authorities will generally be able to get the data that they were seeking.

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