Reported Fatal Car Accident in Leominster, Mass

According to a recent news article from the Boston Globe, a driver was killed in a single vehicle accident in Leominster, west of Boston.  Authorities have said the accident occurred on Interstate 190 in the southbound lanes.

caraccident3The vehicle involved was a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), and the driver of that vehicle, who was killed in the accident, has not been identified as of the time of this article.  The crash occurred around midnight, and the police are still investigating the cause of this fatal Leominster car accident.

Car crashes that only involve a single vehicle often present challenges that are not seen when there was more than one vehicle involved in the accident.  This is especially true if the driver in the accident was killed, as there is no one for the police to interview to determine the cause of the crash.

What is important to keep in mind is that just because there was only one driver in the crash, does not mean it was that driver’s fault.  There are various reasons that a driver could crash when it is actually due to the negligence of a third party.  In some cases, we are dealing with a defect in the vehicle.  This could be due to a defective design in a component of the vehicle.  Our Boston car accident lawyers are aware of the recent recall involving airbags that will deploy without warning, for example.  This could be the result of driver being injured or losing control of his or her vehicle and crashing.

In addition to a defect in the design of the vehicle or a component on board the vehicle, a garage that repaired the vehicle could have been negligent, and that resulted in an accident. For example, a negligently repaired CV shaft, or even a negligently replaced wheel could result in the loss of control, and that could be the cause of a fatal accident.

In some cases, another driver could have caused a crash, but that driver either fled the scene of the crash or did not actually make contact with the victim’s vehicle, but was still the cause of a fatal Boston car accident.   There have been instances where a negligent driver was distracted by his or her cell phone and took his or her eyes off the road.  This caused them to swerve violently.  Even if that vehicle was able to avoid hitting anything or driving off the road, that driver’s negligent actions could have caused another vehicle to crash while taking evasive action to avoid a crash.

The best thing you can do in this type of situation is to make sure the police conduct a full investigation into the cause of the accident.  You can also talk to an experienced car accident lawyer who may be able to use his or her private investigator to conduct an independent investigation into the cause of the accident.  There may be witnesses to the accident or security camera footage that may be able to shed light on what actually happened.

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