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There are some people who would love nothing more than to get in their car, tell the car where they want to go either by voice or by entering the destination on a touch screen and then sit back and relax as the car takes them to their destination.  On the other hand, there are people who say they would never trust their lives to an auto-driving vehicle. There are still others who say they love driving too much to ever want an autonomous car.  However, this last group of people is probably not driving in Boston traffic on a regular basis.

iphoneWhether or not people are ready for self-driving cars,  some versions are already on the roads and will likely be much more prevalent in the not too distant future.  The first thing to understand, however, is that some of the cars currently on the road, such as the ones made by Tesla, are not truly autonomous vehicles.  These vehicles are actually using an advanced form of cruise control that can shift lanes and brake and accelerate to avoid other cars, but the driver is still supposed to be paying attention.
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According to a recent news article from the Salem Patch, a 51-year-old man died as a result of injuries he sustained during a serious car accident. However, first responders were actually on the scene for another fatal accident when they discovered the second fatal accident.  These accidents are not believed to be related.

car accidentLocal police and Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) personnel were called to the scene of a crash of a 57-year-old man.  This first accident scene was on an on-ramp to a highway, and this was about 7:30 a.m. While these officers were investigating the first wreck, they observed a pickup truck that had managed to crash through a metal guardrail and was upside down in a ditch behind the guardrail.When they went down into the embankment, they found the truck empty, but located the driver near the heavily damaged vehicle.  He was not responsive when first responders arrived.  Paramedics did what they could to stabilize this victim and rushed him to a local level-one trauma center, where he was rushed into surgery.  Unfortunately, his injuries proved too severe, and doctors pronounced him dead a few hours after he arrived.   It appears that there was initially some confusion as to the order of these two fatal car crashes, but it is suspected that both accidents were unrelated single vehicle crashes. Continue reading

According to a recent news article from the Miami Herald, and entire family was killed in a single car accident.  While every car accident, even fatal ones, do not generally make headlines in a large city as they happen far too often, accidents like this are almost too horrific to truly comprehend.

police lineAuthorities have said the accident occurred when a family of five where riding in new Chrysler 200 on their way back from a trip to Georgia.  They were traveling on Interstate 75 when they veered out of their travel lane and slammed into a large tractor-trailer that was stopped in the breakdown lane of the highway.   Continue reading

It is possible to pursue a Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding and a personal injury lawsuit simultaneously. But it has to be approached with caution. After all, we don’t choose to be a victim of negligence, and sometimes, it doesn’t happen at the most opportune financial point in our lives. It is to your advantage in this situation to hire an injury lawyer with full understanding of the complexity of both bankruptcy and injury law, and the ways in which these proceedings – one in state court and one in the federal system – can impact one another. piggybank

In a recent case before the Virginia Supreme Court, a plaintiff was ultimately denied the opportunity to pursue her injury lawsuit because she improperly failed to exempt her negligence claim in her bankruptcy filing.

According to court records, plaintiff was involved in a motor vehicle accident in February 2012. Soon thereafter, she saw her primary care physician and complained of back and neck pain radiating into her head, causing her to suffer a severe headache. An MRI indicated she was suffering from disc protrusion. Doctors treated her with steroid injections, and she was also assigned to physical therapy and sessions with a chiropractor. These treatments weren’t effective, however, and she ultimately underwent surgery.  Continue reading

A massive 55-car pileup last month was the result of icy conditions across highways in the Boston region, which stretched well beyond throughout Massachusetts. icyroad1

As reported by NBC Boston, authorities reported the 55-car crash was one of dozens reported across state expressways as ice and snow blanketed the region. In the biggest of those collisions, which occurred on I-95 in Wakefield, no one was killed, amazingly, but eight people were seriously hurt and had to be transported to local hospitals. Witnesses reported the collisions first started to occur around 6 a.m., as many drivers were beginning their morning commutes. One driver reported he tapped his brakes, and suddenly realized there was a sheet of black ice underneath. “There was nothing I could really do after that. Everybody just started sliding into each other.”

Authorities shut down I-95 and the Mass Pike due to slick conditions, and state workers in non-essential positions were placed on a two-hour delay as road crews responded to icy road conditions. Just in the city of Newton, there were more than 12 accidents, including one seven-vehicle collision on Route 128. There was also a 30-vehicle pileup on I-93 near the I-495 interchange in Methuen. There was a school bus with students that crashes in Melrose, though thankfully no one was injured. There was also a 10-car pileup in Woburn and a seven-car crash in Medford – both of those on I-93. A tractor-trailer overturned on the Mass Pike and was leaking fuel, and nine cars crashed on the Mass Pike in Weston. Continue reading

According to a recent news article from the Marblehead Patch, a single-car accident resulted in the death of local Massachusetts writer.  There were many witnesses to the accident, and one bystander not only called 911, but stayed with the victim and her dog until first responders arrived. The woman was said to be in a state of partial consciousness following the accident.

car crashAuthorities have said the woman was traveling on a residential street when she lost control of her vehicle and crashed into a tree.  It is not known why she lost control of the vehicle, and they are conducting a full investigation into the cause of this fatal Massachusetts car accident. Continue reading

According to a recent news article from the CBS Local Boston, a car crashed into Norton Reservoir just south of Boston.  The crash occurred around noon when the 51-year-old driver apparently lost control of his vehicle and plunged into the cold waters of the reservoir.

car accidentAuthorities have said the vehicle cleared an embankment on the edge of the natural pond, which is about 600 acres in size.  His vehicle ended up about 100 feet from shore, but luckily, the lake has a maximum depth of around 12 feet and an average depth of three to four feet of water, so his vehicle was only submerged to just above the doors, instead of sinking all the way under water.  Continue reading

January 2017 has not been a good month for baseball players on the road. Recently, Yolando Ventura of the Royals and Andy Marte, who played for the Diamondbacks a few years ago, were both killed in two separate car accidents in the Dominican Republic.  Now, according to a recent news article from Fox Sports, Sean Rodriguez of the Atlanta Braves was just in a serious car accident involving an allegedly stolen police car.

police lineAuthorities have said Rodriquez was driving his SUV with this wife and two children as passengers when he was struck by another vehicle.  The suspect had allegedly stolen a police cruiser and was driving at a high rate of speed when he T-boned Rodriquez’s vehicle.  While Rodriquez was not seriously injured in the car crash, the police car burst into flames and ended up doing serious damage to his SUV, and his family suffered more significant injuries.  His two children, ages 8 and 2, were both listed as being in serious condition at a level-one trauma center. The driver of the allegedly stolen police car was killed in the fiery wreck. Continue reading

Many in the baseball world are still reeling from the untimely death of Miami Marlins’ ace pitcher José Fernández.  Now, there has been another great loss. According to a recent news report from Fox News, Kansas City Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura has been killed in a car accident.  The Dominican native was 25-years-old at the time of his death.sad

Authorities have said Ventura was driving his Jeep as he was going around a sharp curve and lost control of the vehicle.  The Jeep then flipped over on its side.  As the vehicle rolled over, witnesses say Ventura was ejected from the Jeep and his body slammed into the road surface with a considerable amount of force. Continue reading

Kristen Johnson, better known by her stage name Lady Houdini, is an escape artist who is considered by many to be the world’s leading female escape artist and performs for crowds across the world and on television. However, she was reportedly unable to escape injury resulting from a recent car accident. She canceled a series of performances after she suffered personal injury as a result of a car crash, according to a recent news article from the Sun Sentinel.

drivingJohnson’s accident involved her vehicle and one other and occurred the evening before she was scheduled to do a show in Florida.  At that show, she was supposed to perform an escape from a clear “water torture cell” in full view of the audience, as well as an escape that involved her hanging upside down and wearing a straight jacket.  These are, of course, the same or similar types of escapes made famous by the legendary escape artist Harry Houdini. Continue reading