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Bostonians have grown accustomed to the harsh New England winters. However, it’s important to be prepared for potential blizzards that can not only snow you in but leave you stranded in your car without any means of mobility. This could cause immense panic and severe harm if you’re unprepared. Fortunately, knowing what to do in this situation could get you through this emergency and even save your life.

Here’s what you need to know if you ever find yourself trapped in your car during a snowstorm.

Preparation is Key

While It took a lot longer than usual for winter to get going in Massachusetts and across much of the Eastern United States, it seems that, at least for now, winter is finally here. We have already seen a least one snow event and are likely to see quite a bit more snow, as we typically do even in the mildest of Boston winters.

ice-1552892While driving on snow and ice is already dangerous enough, as discussed in a recent news feature from Danvers Patch, snow plows also present serious safety issues when out on the roads of the Commonwealth. One of the major issues is that the plows are very slow-moving vehicles, and drivers are not sure whether or not they should try to pass the plow or just accept it will take them a lot longer to get where they are headed. Continue reading

Up until very recently, everyone was wondering if it was ever going to get cold this winter. In the past couple of weeks, it has quickly turned cold, and much of New England has been hit with some pretty bad snowstorms. With the recent snow and icy weather, it has become very dangerous out on the roads, and this has led to a lot of serious car accidents.

mWyoxDuAccording to a recent news feature from the Boston Globe, there have been numerous multivehicle crashes in recent days, including a seven-car wreck in Duxbury. Fire department personnel said they were called to a massive collision that they reported as having 20 vehicles involved. This was a few hours after the seven-car pile up and a few minutes before two cars collided with each other and spun out on the same stretch of icy road. Continue reading

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