Teens at increased risk of distracted driving car accidents in Massachusetts

Despite an aggressive national public service campaign and text messaging bans in 30 states, 9 out of 10 teens admit to distracted driving
Two seconds. Two seconds is the time it takes to turn off, or answer, a cell phone. For teenage drivers in Massachusetts a two-second distraction can mean the difference between life and death, between getting into a Boston car accident or avoiding one.

Despite this simple truth, a recent online survey conducted by Seventeen magazine and auto club AAA found that 86 percent of teens admit to distracted driving – including texting and talking on their cell phones – while behind the wheel, usatoday.com reports. What makes this figure more disturbing, is 84 percent of teens admit they know distracted driving is dangerous.

In an effort to reduce the number of Massachusetts car accidents, after six-years of debate state lawmakers have penned the Safe Driving Act, which goes into effect on Sept. 30. As our Boston car accident attorneys reported earlier on our Boston Car Accident Blog, the agreement, among other things, bans Massachusetts teens from using cell phones, laptops and other hand-held electronic devices while driving.

Of course, chatting or texting aren’t the only ways for teen drivers to be distracted, although according to distraction.gov, drivers using a hand-held electronic device while behind the wheel are four times more likely to be involved in a serious injury car accident. Other common distractions include: eating or drinking, applying makeup or grooming, reading (maps included), watching a video, or changing radio stations/CDs.

For more information, or to participate in the Seventeen magazine’s Two-Second Turnoff Day viral video challenge, go to http://www.seventeen.com/fun/articles/two-second-turnoff.

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