Veteran Aids Victim in Boston Car Accident

According to a recent news article from CBS Local Boston, a local war veteran who had served in the United States Army for nine years was in South Boston one Thursday night when he heard the massive crash as a result of a serious car accident.  He described what he heard as the sound to two freight trains slamming into each other.

caraccident3After he heard the crash, at the Old Colony Avenue and Dorchester Street intersection, he went running toward the accident to see if anyone was hurt and if he could help.  He found two cars, a Honda Civil and Volkswagen Jetta, which had just slammed into each other and were left a crumpled mess.  He ran up to the wreckage and was repeatedly asking if everyone was okay, though the feared they weren’t.

The first thing he heard was someone in the Jetta, but there was no response coming from the Honda.  He approached the Honda and looked into the window and saw a man covered with blood who did not appear to be responsive. The bystander said the victim had been driving the car at the time of the horrific South Boston car accident, but had been thrown clear to the passenger side as result of the impact. At this point, the veteran reached into the heavily damaged vehicle and reclined the man’s seat so he could get him free from the car.  At this point, the police arrived and they took over the rescue efforts.

When asked how he was able to overcome the shock of the trauma and the chaotic scene, he credited his military training and years in service for allowing him to focus on the task at hand.  He also said that since was in a position to help, he knew it was something he should do.   He said that his actions were not a big deal, as he was just trying to help.

When the police and other first responders took over the rescue efforts, they were able to get both victims out of the cars and to local hospitals.  Both men were hospitalized following the accident, but neither of them are believed to have suffered life threatening injuries in the South Boston car crash.

The police are still conducting an investigation into what exactly happened, but one witnesses has stated that the driver of the Civic ran a red light, and that was the reason for the collision that resulted in serious personal injury to two people, including the alleged at-fault driver.  It seems that other people who also saw the accident gave similar accounts to reporters while they too were investigating the cause of this car accident.

One thing to be mindful of in the aftermath of a serious car accident is that the insurance company for the alleged at-fault driver may call the victim or their family immediately following an accident and try to get them to agree to take money to cover hospital bills or sometimes just a portion of the bills.  They know there is a lot of confusion at this time and they want to take advantage of this confusion.  You should never accept any money before first speaking with an experienced Boston car accident lawyer, because taking some money now will likely prevent you getting any more money later.

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