Report: One Dead, Two Injured in Lawrence Motorcycle Crash

In what must have been a chaotic accident scene, CBS Boston Local is reporting on a crash involving a motorcycle, two pedestrians and a Mercedes Benz whose driver allegedly fled the scene. Witnesses said a 64-year-old man was riding his motorcycle when he allegedly crashed into two pedestrians crossing the road.

motorcycle-1449847After hitting the two pedestrians, he lost control of the bike and was thrown off it and landed hard on the road, witnesses said.  As he was lying in the road after being ejected from the motorcycle, he was then hit by a Mercedes Benz. The driver of the car allegedly sped off the scene in an apparent hit-and-run.

A Lawrence police spokesperson has said after speaking with witnesses, they believe it was extremely likely the driver of the Mercedes Benz was aware that he hit some or someone and chose to flee the scene.  Police also confirmed that the driver of the motorcycle died as a result of the injuries he sustained when being ejected from the vehicle and then being run over by the alleged hit-and-run driver.  The police were still searching for that driver at the time of this article.

The two pedestrians who were hit by the motorcycle were said to have both suffered serious personal injury as a result of this Lawrence motorcycle accident. They are both in their 20s according to witnesses.  It should be noted that no charges have been filed as of this time.

As our Boston car accident attorneys have seen in far too many cases, there is a real problem with hit-and-run drivers in this area.  There are various reasons a person would flee the scene of an accident.  One of the primary reasons is that the at-fault driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the accident. The fear is that if they are stopped by police, they will be arrested for drunk driving, and could possibly be charged with a felony such as vehicular homicide, which will likely result in time in prison or a county house of corrections, such as South Bay in Suffolk County.   Another common reason someone will flee the scene of the accident is that they are driving without a license, may not be in the country legally, or have an active warrant out for their arrest.  However, in some cases, the driver is simply scared and does the wrong thing and flees.

The reason hit-and-run accidents can be more challenging is because there is not an obvious defendant against which to file a car accident lawsuit, and, more importantly, we do not have an insurance company to call.   However, this does not mean you do not have a valid claim.  One option would be to have your Boston car accident lawyer assist you with filing what is known as an uninsured motorist (UM) claim.  Since we do not know the identity of the at-fault driver, we treat them as an uninsured motorist.

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Methuen Man Killed, Pedestrians Injured In Motorcycle Crash, September 22, 2016,By Beth Germano,  CBS Boston Local

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