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Insurance companies operate under a theory known as a “pool of risk.” To make the math easy, lets assume 100 people in a town want to purchase auto insurance. The company will use its vast amount of data to determine how likely it will be for the average driver to get into a serious crash in any given policy year and how much it will cost the company when an accident occurs.

mw76UPwWhile there are obviously some variables, such as age of a driver, past driving record and type of vehicle, these companies are pretty skilled at determining their risk levels when setting premiums. If one particular town were known for having dangerous drivers, the insurance companies might charge higher premiums for applicants in that town. According to a recent news article from Mass Live, Springfield, Mass. is one of those places. Continue reading

Motor vehicle accidents that occur in a tunnel are often far more complicated to deal with than accidents that occur on the open road. This includes the number of cars that may be involved in a chain reaction collision, the difficulty first responders may have in getting through traffic in the tunnel to get to the scene of the accident, as there is no emergency lane in a tunnel, the difficulty in providing care, and, later, clearing the scene of disabled vehicles.

meLL1T2According to a recent news article from the Boston Globe, a crash inside the O’Neill Tunnel wreaked havoc on the morning commute. Authorities say the multi-vehicle accident that occurred on a Wednesday began when a garbage truck lost a large metal door from the rear of the vehicle. After the metal door hit the road surface, a semi tractor-trailer ran over it. When the truck ran over the garbage truck’s door, its oil pan and gas tank were both slashed by the metal door, causing oil and gas to start spraying all over the road surface. Continue reading

Americans love their pets. Dogs are among the most popular pet with some 78 million canines residing in 46 million homes in the U.S., according to the American Pet Products Association.dogincar

One AAA survey revealed nearly 60 percent of respondents had driven with their dog in the vehicle at some point in the last year. When a dog (or any pet, really) is unrestrained in a moving vehicle, the potential for distraction is high.

Respondents to the survey conceded that while driving with their dogs, they engaged in the following:

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