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Rapper Fetty Wap was recently involved in a serious motorcycle accident. The accident occurred on October 3, 2015 in his hometown of Paterson, New Jersey. Authorities say Fetty Wap was riding his motorcycle when a car was blocking his lane of travel. He allegedly went into the lane of oncoming traffic to get around the car obstructing him and was involved in collision with a car coming toward him. It was also reported that Fetty Wap claimed he never saw the other car coming before he collided with it.

895247_red_dream_cutoutAfter the crash, he was treated by first responders and taken to a local hospital. At the hospital, he was listed as being in serious but stable condition. His family thanked everyone for their support but asked that they respect his privacy during his recovery from this serious motorcycle accident. Continue reading

According to a recent news report from the Peabody Patch, Massachusetts State Police and its accident reconstruction unit continue to investigate a serious traffic accident involving a moped and a truck. Authorities say the 41-year-old moped driver was riding in the breakdown lane of Route 1 North in Peabody. A Volvo truck driving in the right lane went to turn into a parking lot, when it crossed into the breakdown lane and hit the moped.

1253140_bicycleFirst responders were called to the scene, provided immediate medical attention to victim, and transported him to Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in downtown Boston. The 48-year-old operator of the truck was not hurt in the crash, but the moped driver is listed in serious condition at MGH. Volvo trucks are typically larger commercial trucks, ranging from box trucks to semi-tractor trailers. Authorities did not describe the size of truck involved in this accident, but it is likely far bigger than a pickup truck. State police will continue to investigate the cause of the accident. They have not filed any charges or issued any citations in connection with this serious traffic accident. Continue reading

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