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When a car accident involves a pedestrian or bike rider, there is often a severe level of injury suffered in the crash.  According to a recent news article from ABC 5 Boston, a 14-year-old boy was seriously injured in car accident in Billerica just north of Boston. The boy was in the crosswalk when hit by a car.

nriv4oeThe driver of the white pickup truck said he was stopped in the road about three car lengths from the crosswalk when he felt like he was rear-ended.  At first he thought it was a car that hit him, and then he saw the young victim bounce off the side of the pickup truck and come to stop in front of his vehicle.  Continue reading

After a fatal bike accident in cities across the United States, including Boston and Cambridge, mourners will typically leave what is know as a “ghost bike” around the area in which the accident occurred.  A ghost bike is a bicycle that is painted all white, and it is placed there so people will not forget that bicycle rider was killed.

push-bike-1198398It is done in part as a memorial for the victim, and in part for all victims, so that public policy can change and new laws can be drafted and passed to provide more protection to the many bicycle riders who are trying to share the streets with cars and pedestrians. While many are okay with the ghost bikes being put on public property, since they are there for an important reason, some are now questioning how long they should be allowed to remain there, according to a recent news feature from Tree Hugger. Continue reading

A recent news article from CBS Boston involves a Massachusetts bicycle accident that occurred between a female cyclists and the driver of a beer delivery truck in Cambridge.

A witness who recorded the aftermath of the crash on his phone stated that the accident occurred when a semi tractor-trailer was attempting to make a right turn off Massachusetts Avenue when it allegedly struck the woman riding her bicycle.

nriv4oeThe bicycle, along with its rider, became stuck between the front two sets of wheels on the truck as she slipped under the side of the large commercial vehicle. Her bike was crushed in the accident.  One witness said that just seeing a bike slide underneath a truck and get crushed as this one did was terrifying and “overwhelming.” Continue reading

According to a recent article form the Salem News, a 50-year-old woman and her friend were riding their bikes in Salem, when she was hit by a horse trailer being towed by a pickup truck. It was at first considered to be a hit-and-run accident, because the driver of the vehicle never stopped to see what happened to the victim, but authorities were not certain the driver knew his trailer had hit a bicycle rider.

nriv4oeThere was, however, no question the victim knew the horse trailer hit her. When first responders arrived, they determined she had suffered life-threatening injuries, and they called for a medevac helicopter to transport her Boston Medical Center’s trauma center. When she arrived at the hospital, she was immediately taken into an emergency room, where they tested her for brain damage and paralysis. She was also treated for her broken collarbone, shoulder, elbow and skull fractures. Victim said she was slipping in and out of consciousness and didn’t really know what was going on, but knew things were not right. Continue reading

According to a recent news article from the Boston Globe, one cyclist is unhappy with what he considers to be Boston’s lack of timely effort in making the streets safer for bicycle riders after a series of deadly accidents.

1367110_bike_route_signAfter reading a book about what is now being called tactical urbanism, this cyclist went to Home Depot and purchased orange road cones and baskets of mums flowers and used them to physically divide the painted bike lane from the vehicle lanes on Massachusetts Avenue near where it intersects with Beacon Street.   Continue reading

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