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Normally, chips and beer are all you need for a good party. But recently in Florida, it had all the makings of a truck accident.

Authorities say a commercial truck carrying Busch beer crashed into another commercial truck carrying Frito Lays potato chips and other assorted snacks.

semitruckThe truck carrying the beer was a semi-tractor trailer, and the truck carrying the chips was a smaller box truck.  The accident occurred around three in the morning in Florida, and while neither driver suffered any personal injury in the accident, there was beer and chips all over the highway. Continue reading

According to a recent article from The Guardian, a lawsuit involving a 2011 car accident that occurred at the Yale vs. Harvard football game has finally reached a settlement.

949267_pedestrian_crossing_signWitnesses say students from a Yale fraternity were bringing kegs of beer to a tailgating event in a rented truck at the time of the accident. The driver of the truck was trying to get through a crowd of students that were headed to the game and decided to rev the truck’s engine to get their attention and get them to move out of the way of the truck. Continue reading

At the end of year and the beginning of every year, the media likes to publish lists and remind us of events that took place during the past year. Some of these are lists of good things, others are just for entertainment, and some are lists of unfortunate events.

truckforwardOne of the events that takes place towards the end of every year in the fall is Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s Operation Safe Driver Week. This commercial vehicle safety week involves increased weight and size safety inspections for commercial motor vehicles across the country. Continue reading

Many people may remember a time when cranberries were only eaten on Thanksgiving. Around the late 1980s and into the early 1990s, Ocean Spray and other large producers spent a great deal of money marketing the cranberry as a year-round food. They created recipes for things such as cranberry muffins, which never existed before, but, in time, people began to eat these products all year, and the price of the berries rose dramatically.

cranberries-1328106While these companies have tried to grow the berries in other countries with lax ecological and agricultural laws, allowing them to use floating combine harvesters, which kill the plants, many of the berries are still grown in bogs in New England, as they have for many years. Continue reading

Authorities are reporting that an Amtrak train carrying about 150 passengers collided with the rear of a large, oversized-load trailer that managed to get in in the railroad crossing as the train was approaching according to WSPY.

Fortunately, there were no life-threatening injuries as result of what could have been a much more serious train accident. Police say the driver of the truck and the train engineer were both able walk away from the accident. There was passenger on the train that complained of some type of injury, and he was taken to a local hospital. Continue reading

There is no question that large commercial trucks are essential to our economy. Moving freight, delivering packages, transporting cars and a variety of other functions in life would certainly be much more difficult without large trucks, including semi tractor-trailers.

truckforwardWhile most truck drivers are safe professionals, there are some who aren’t, and when a truck crashes or collides with another vehicle or pedestrian, it can result in serious personal injury or death. In order to prevent serious personal injury and death involving truck crashes, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) performs a variety of studies and comes up with regulations to make trucks safer. Continue reading

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