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Fatal car accident lawsuits in Boston are often very complex and best handled by an experienced personal injury lawyer who has a track record of success in deadly crash litigation. While fault may seem a fairly straightforward issue, there are also matters of causation and comparative negligence and damages that have to be sorted out. Many of these cases require hundreds of hours of research and analysis and usually necessitate expert witness testimony.

Boston car accidentsAccording to a recent article from News 7 Boston, one person was killed in a three-car accident in Medfield, Massachusetts.  Medfield is located to the south and east of the city of Boston. Authorities have said the fatal crash, which occurred on Route 109, occurred at around 2 p.m. and involved the driver of a Jeep who was allegedly speeding prior to the accident that involved a collision with two other vehicles and one where the jeep completed flipped over and came to a stop resting on its roof.

Aside from the man declared dead at the scene, another victim was rushed to Tufts Medical Center, a level-one trauma center located in Boston’s Chinatown neighborhood. A third person was also injured, but his injuries were not as severe as the other two.  This person was taken to a local hospital in an ambulance.

As our Boston car accident lawyers can explain, the Massachusetts State Police (MSP) will send in an investigation and accident reconstruction team to work with local police in conducting a full investigation into the cause of the crash.  This does not mean there will necessarily be any criminal charges filed, as the state police investigate all fatal car accidents.

It should be noted that the conclusions of law enforcement are not necessarily final when it comes to the question of fault. Although those findings can be used in your civil lawsuit, those facts were gathered for the purpose of investigating traffic infractions and criminal charges – the outcome of which will be totally separate from any civil litigation. That’s why contacting an attorney as soon as possible is smart, so we can immediately begin our own gathering of evidence and analysis.  Continue reading

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A car accident often results in serious personal injury.  The worst Boston car accidents result in one of more fatalities. These fatal Boston car crashes will obviously be emotionally devastating for friends and family, but they can be financially upending as well.  They decedent will no longer be there to work and provide money for his or her family and there will also be all of the costs associated with the burial.  These are all types of damages that can be claimed in a car accident wrongful death action filed under the legal theory of negligence.

Boston car accidentsAccording to a report from the Mayor’s Office for the City of Boston, as part of the Vision Zero program, the city estimates 25 people are killed annually – and nearly half of them are pedestrians.  The name Vision Zero comes from the vision of the program to reduce the number of traffic-related fatalities down to zero.

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In Boston, a troubling number of car accidents involve an at-fault driver flees the scene. Some of these are fatal crashes.  The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Highway Loss Data Institute (IIHSHLDI) keeps statistics by states on the number of fatal crashes by year.  According to their findings, in 2015, there were 291 fatal crashes resulting in 306 deaths.  The number of traffic fatalities is lower than the number of deaths because some fatal Massachusetts car crashes result in more than a single fatality.

Boston car accident lawsuits When a driver flees the scene of a crash, it can cause difficulties for those who are trying to obtain compensation for injuries. The good news is there are options (in particular, uninsured motorist coverage). As for the reason these drivers flee, it often comes down to either intoxication and a fear of being charged with serious crimes (such as vehicular homicide) by prosecutors. In other cases, it’s because the fleeing driver did not have a license or the mandated car insurance coverage.  Continue reading

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Massachusetts State Police (MSP) responded to a car crash in Milton that left two dead and another injured, according to a recent news report from the Boston Herald.  This accident occurred around 3:30 a.m. when a car crashed into a tree at a reportedly high rate of speed.

car accidentWhen first responders arrived at the scene of this fatal car crash, they saw that the victims’ vehicle had been heavily damaged and burst into flames.  Firefighters were able to quickly suppress the blaze, and paramedics went to check on the condition of the victims. Unfortunately, two of the victims had already died when the first responders got to them. Continue reading

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According to a recent news report from WWLP, a man died in a single car crash in Blandford, Massachusetts on the Mass Pike. Another woman was seriously injured as a result of the crash.  The man was a passenger in the car involved in what turned out to be a deadly Massachusetts car accident.

policelineAuthorities have said the accident occurred just before two in the afternoon on Interstate 90.  The 36-year-old female driver was operating her vehicle when she allegedly drifted into the median that divides the highway and it a message board that was stationed alongside the travel lanes. Continue reading

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According to a recent news feature from the Boston Herald, an SUV full of teens crashed into a utility pole in a suburban neighborhood and then slammed into a parked vehicle. The van was full of six teens who had just all just left work at a local ice cream shop and were headed to watch the fireworks show.

caraccident3As they were passing the home of one of the occupants, the accident occurred. The mother and a neighbor heard what they described as the loudest screams imaginable.  When they got to the scene of the fatal Milford car accident, they saw that five of the occupants were standing outside of the vehicle looking at the victim who had been thrown from the vehicle during the crash. Continue reading

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According to a recent news feature from Mass Live, a single-car crash occurred this past Thursday during the rush hour in Milford, Massachusetts and resulted in the death of the 39-year-old driver.

caraccident3Massachusetts State Police (MSP) troopers and other first responders were called to the scene following the deadly car accident on Interstate 495.   Authorities are not yet sure why the accident occurred, but witnesses say the car was traveling south when the driver appeared to lose control of the vehicle.  The vehicle then drove off the roadway and into the median dividing the two directions of traffic.  Continue reading

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The only child of famed actor Paul Walker, who died three years ago in a fiery car accident, reached a $10.1 million settlement with the estate of the man who was driving the Porsche Carrera GT. porsche

However, that should not affect a case the girl still has pending against Porsche, alleging defective design and manufacturing of the sports car.

A representative for the driver’s estate released a statement indicating the driver, Roger Rodas, was partially responsible for the accident. However, that does not change the fact that the vehicle manufacturer bore significant responsibility for what happened, he said.

You may recall the crash occurred while Walker, 40, was on break from filming the seventh installment of the “Fast and the Furious” franchise series. He and Rodas, a 38-year-old husband and father, were at a charity event when they decided to drive away in the Carrera GT. Authorities would later say the vehicle was traveling 90 mph (a fact contested by the families of both Walker and Rodas) when Rodas, an auto shop owner, lost control of the car and it smashed into several trees and a concrete pole. Both men died within seconds as the vehicle burst into flames.  Continue reading