NTSB Investigating FedEx Truck Crash that Killed 10

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The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating a tragic accident that took the lives of 10 victims earlier this month. According to Bloomberg and other accounts, a FedEx truck crashed into a bus transporting more than 40 high school students in Orland, California. This is another tragic incident that draws attention to the danger of charter bus accidents. It also raises the potential for high-stakes claims against FedEx for liability. In addition to potential for wrongful death claims on behalf of those killed in the crash, there are at least 30 other victims who suffered serious injuries in the collision.


While there are accidents everyday throughout Massachusetts, some crashes will draw national attention. This is a case involving young victims, a complicated accident scenario, and two large trucking companies. It is likely that the case will also result in multiple lawsuits and litigation. Our Boston car accident attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of victims who have suffered in a trucking accident. We are also prepared to handle even the most complicated accident claims.

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Boston Cyclists Fight For Stiffer Penalties in Fatal Collisions

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In the event of a traffic collision, victims have the right to file civil claims against negligent drivers and third-parties. While this is one remedy to help compensate victims who have suffered injuries, personal losses, or the death of a loved one, many safety advocates are urging additional harsher penalties, including jail time. After a recent case involving a garbage truck and a cyclist, advocates are hoping for harsher penalties and additional safety measures throughout the city.


Bicyclist-motor vehicle collisions are becoming all too familiar. With an increasing number of cyclists on the road, some drivers have failed to adopt necessary safety precautions. Our Boston bike accident attorneys are dedicated to helping victims and their families recover compensation after an accident. We are also committed to raising awareness and in advocating community safety and legislative action to prevent future accidents and injuries.

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New GM Car Safety Team: Good PR or Just Another Cover-Up?

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GM has been under recent scrutiny for covering up the defective ignition switches tied to the deaths of at least 13 passengers. Now the CEO is creating a team to focus on vehicle safety. According to reports, the new safety organization within GM is designed to build on existing formulas to make cars the "best to drive in the industry." This positive PR may be good preparation for the media spotlight at the New York International Auto Show; however, it does little to help the victims who suffered as a result of the wanton negligence and aggressive cover-up strategies by the company for years after knowing about the defects.

The public speech made by GM's CEO was the first appearance made since the congressional hearings in early April revealed that the company had delayed for years the recall of 2.59 million vehicles with potentially faulty ignition switches. Now the company is under the gun and is likely to face additional litigation. Our Boston defective auto attorneys are committed to helping victims protect their rights in the event of an accident. We are also experienced with holding large corporations accountable for manufacturing, distributing, or failing to warn consumers about deadly products.

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Traffic Violations Increase Insurance Costs & Accident Risks

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Drivers throughout Boston break the rules of the road every day and some of those drivers receive traffic tickets. As a new report from CNN shows, drivers who break the rules and receive citations face significant costs as a result. Even a relatively minor driving violation can result not only in a fine but can also significantly increase your insurance rates. These higher costs will affect your budget for a long time to come. five-oh-in-5-662718-m.jpg

Avoiding dangerous driving behaviors is smart to prevent a ticket and the associated expenses that come with it. It is also essential to avoid behavior that could increase the risk of a motor vehicle collision and resulting injuries. Drivers who violate safety rules are presumed to be negligent when a car accident claim is made by injured victims, which makes it easier for victims to obtain compensation for their injuries. Those hurt in a collision should contact a Boston car accident attorney for assistance pursuing a damage claim.

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Chronic Marijuana Use Up 84 Percent

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Lawmakers throughout the United States have been relaxing the rules for marijuana use, permitting people to take cannabis for medical purposes and even recreational purposes. Many people are embracing the more lax regulations because marijuana use has become increasingly popular. In fact, even in states where marijuana has not yet been legalized for recreational use, more people than ever are using this drug. tray-of-marijuana-1437843-m.jpg

Unfortunately, the increase in marijuana use can have serious consequences for road safety. A driver who is on marijuana may have delayed reaction time and will not be as focused on the road as he should be. These drivers can increase the risk of a collision and can put themselves and others in danger. An experienced Boston car accident lawyer can help those who have been harmed by impaired drivers to pursue a claim for compensation.

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Choosing an Auto Body Shop After a Traffic Accident in Boston

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A car accident is one of the most traumatic, stressful, and costly occurrences in modern life. Crashes, fender benders, and other collisions are also extremely common. While the majority of accidents only require moderate repairs, other accidents are catastrophic, leading to serious injury and fatalities. For accident victims, health and wellness must be a priority, but once you are back on your feet, you will need to make sure your car is fully repaired.


If you have never been in an accident, you may not know where to start when looking for an auto body shop. Our Boston car accident attorneys understand the stress faced by our clients who have been involved in accidents.

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Federal Records Inadequate to Analyze Truck Company Safety

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The federal government plays an integral role in monitoring truck company safety and compliance. In addition to making laws, inspections, and enforcement, the government also tracks violations and accidents to determine a trucking company's safety record. According to a new report and recommendations by the Office of Inspector General of the Department of Transportation, the data used to calculate trucking company safety wasn't adequate to measure individual carriers.


Trucking company safety records are important for ensuring compliance, raising standards, and in the event of an accident. Our Boston truck accident attorneys are committed to protecting the rights of victims and in raising awareness to improve safety on the roads. In the event of a truck accident, our legal team will review safety reports, private and public records, and determine the cause of the accident. It is our priority to hold trucking companies responsible to prevent future accidents and injuries.

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Safer Roads: DOT Focuses on Bike Accident Prevention

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Bicyclist safety features and infrastructure vary by city and state. Whether city planners have included bike paths, signals, bike lanes and necessary stop lights at intersections can impact how safe the streets are for cyclists. The U.S. Department of Transportation is now focused on increasing bike safety nationwide to improve roadways and to prevent future accidents and injuries. A new comprehensive approach is intended to improve safety for all roadway users, including bicyclists pedestrians, wheelchair users, transit passengers, and motorists.


In Boston and nationwide, cities and towns are focusing on improving bike safety and in making cycling a viable transportation option for residents. Our Boston bicycle accident attorneys are dedicated to raising awareness on issues that impact cyclist safety. We are also committed to keeping motorist and cyclists informed on local, state and federal issues that may impact biker safety. This current federal trend will likely have an impact on our local roadways and could improve safety to reduce accidents.

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Spring and Summer Travel: Booking a Safe Motor Coach

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Spring and summer are the seasons that many schools, churches, businesses, and other organizations hire a coach bus for private trips. While taking a chartered bus can be convenient for a large group, leaders should be aware of the potential safety hazards when hiring a bus company. There are also ways to minimize the chance of an accident and to ensure the company you hire meets federal and industry safety standards.


A recent investigation by USA Today found that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), isn't properly tracking all the accidents and deaths caused by buses. These misinformation has given the public a false impression that buses are safer than is the reality. Many accidents, including one in 2003 that killed eight people, aren't included in fatality statistics. Our Boston bus accidents attorneys are dedicated to raising safety awareness to prevent accidents on the nation's highways. We also are working to ensure that motorists and travelers understand the risk of riding a bus when companies and their drivers are in violation of safety standards.

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Spring Forward: Daylight Savings Increases Accident Risk

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While daylight savings time signals the beginning of spring and longer hours in the evening, reports indicate that setting clocks forward can increase the risk of traffic accidents. Research shows that the sudden reduction in sleep can make humans more prone to health risks and accidents. This spring, be wary of the impact of how lost sleep can impact driving ability and remember that other drivers on the road may be suffering from lack of sleep as well.


The loss of sleep is widely known to reduce driver response time and abilities when on the road. Driver fatigue has been linked to thousands of catastrophic and deadly accidents. Our Boston car accidents attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of victims and in reducing the number of accidents on the road. We are also committed to raising awareness to improve driver safety and prevent car-related injuries and fatalities.

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Prevent Motor Vehicle Deaths By Cracking Down on All Dangerous Drivers

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Motorists who cause fatal collisions because they drive recklessly frequently face criminal charges for their actions. Unfortunately, by the time these drivers are punished for their dangerous choices behind the wheel, a death has already occurred. While police can arrest someone for reckless or drunk driving even in cases where no accident has happened, these types of arrests and prosecutions are far less common. police-cruiser-1066864-m.jpg

Harvard law professor and noted constitutional and criminal attorney Alan Dershowitz recently wrote on Op-Ed for the New York Daily News suggesting that cracking down on all dangerous drivers would be one of the best ways to stop fatalities caused by motor vehicle accidents. Dershowitz argues that police are generally not interested in responding to reports of reckless driving unless a collision has occurred. As a result, most people get away with reckless driving and laws preventing it aren't really very effective at saving lives or making the roads safer.

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Boston Bicyclists & Risk of Road Rage

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Cyclists are getting more attention from road designers and politicians as bike safety becomes a bigger priority. Unfortunately, not everyone is embracing the increasing bike-friendly culture and not everyone is excited about bicycles increasing in popularity as a means of commuting. Reports of anti-cyclist hate abound, leading to articles titled Why You Hate Cyclists, and 14 Reasons Why We hate Cyclists. no-bicycles-1161065-m.jpg

Unfortunately, drivers venting their rage at bicycle riders is not just a harmless way to let off steam. When drivers become angry at riders or question the right of bicyclists to share the road, these drivers put bicycle riders in danger. Drivers who dislike bicycle riders might fail to yield the right of way, might pass too close to cyclists, might not respect the bike lane and might not look carefully for bicyclists in their path before they open the door.

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Jaywalking Enforcement Helps Reduce Boston Pedestrian Injuries

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Mayor de Blasio has made it his goal to reduce pedestrian accident deaths in New York City -- with an ultimate aim of zero fatalities. A big part of the effort being made centers around giving more jaywalking tickets. This is not a new idea, as CBS reported that Mayor Menino's efforts to reduce pedestrian deaths in Boston in 2010 included an effort to obtain permission for the city to write bigger tickets for jaywalking. pedestrian-crossing-box-1193996-m.jpg

Jaywalking is unquestionably dangerous, as drivers should not cross against the signal or walk out in front of cars when doing so is not safe. Police cracking down on the behavior could also be effective as a deterrent to prevent jaywalkers from breaking the rules of the road. However, with finite police resources, it is also important that law enforcement continue efforts to stop the most dangerous driving behaviors, including driving distracted or impaired.

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Massachusetts Trucking Accident Risks - Electronic Log Books Reduce Fraud, Fatigue

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Hours-of-service rules set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) are designed to limit the amount of time truckers can drive. The goal of these limits (which prohibit driving for more than 11 hours per day and require a 34-hour rest break after 60 hours of driving in a week) is to prevent drowsy driving crashes. Unfortunately, the rules are often difficult to enforce and truckers still too often drive when they are fatigued. fractured-time-1435044-m.jpg

In an effort to try to make the hours-of-service rules easier to enforce, and thus more effective, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has issued a new proposed rule that would require the use of electronic logbooks for the commercial bus and trucking industry. The FMCSA believes that this would cut down on burdensome paperwork requirements and would help to reduce the risk of truck collisions.

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Massachusetts Pedestrian Injuries - How Safe is Your Street?

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Federal lawmakers have introduced the Safe Streets Act of 2014 into the United States Senate. The goal is to reduce the number of pedestrian accident fatalities occurring across the country. caution-sign-541767-m.jpg

Pedestrian deaths have become a serious problem. From 2009 to 2012, there was an average 4.9 percent increase in pedestrian motor-vehicle deaths each year. The result is that deaths went up around 15 percent even as the overall number of traffic fatalities in other categories declined by three percent. The Safe Streets Act could improve conditions and bring this death toll down, but unfortunately it is unlikely to make any kind of real difference.

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