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It is hard to imagine anything scarier than being trapped in a car following a serious car accident.  Unfortunately, this was the case for one family, according to a recent news feature from the Boston Globe.

mw76UPwAuthorities report the crash occurred in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood just before eight in the evening.  After multiple vehicles crashed into each other at a major intersection, authorities were called to the scene. When they arrived, they came upon a real mess and immediately went to work rescuing the victims. Continue reading

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According to a recent report from Breibart News, a three-car accident in Texas was caused by rather unusual circumstances.

The driver of one vehicle reportedly crashed into a truck in an intersection.  That’s not the unusual part. When first questioned, the alleged at-fault driver said he was picking up “lady friend” when a gunman ran into his car and got in the backseat.  He said he was in grave fear of being shot and crashed into a stopped truck at an intersection ahead.

mlCAWKuHowever, witnesses to the accident tell a very different story.  Witnesses say the man was having sex with a woman in the car just before the crash.  He then ran into a stopped pickup truck, ran out of the car, and began rolling on the ground.  He was allegedly yelling that he was innocent and also was yelling “justice” and “I didn’t do it.” Continue reading

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Things have not been going so well for former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel.  As many know, the talented yet troubled athlete has reportedly struggled with staying sober, and that led to his former team leaders making the decision to part ways after a tumultuous two-year contract recently came to an end following the close of this season.  He has been replaced by former Redskins’ quarterback Robert Griffin III, who has also had his own series of controversies during his four years in Washington, DC.

porscheAccording to a recent news feature from Hollywood Life, Manziel was recently involved in what appears to be a very serious car accident and many are saying that he is lucky to be alive.  Authorities say the 21-year-old NFL player was riding as a passenger in a car being driven by his friend on April 9, 2016, when the car crashed head-on into a utility pole.  Continue reading

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The only child of famed actor Paul Walker, who died three years ago in a fiery car accident, reached a $10.1 million settlement with the estate of the man who was driving the Porsche Carrera GT. porsche

However, that should not affect a case the girl still has pending against Porsche, alleging defective design and manufacturing of the sports car.

A representative for the driver’s estate released a statement indicating the driver, Roger Rodas, was partially responsible for the accident. However, that does not change the fact that the vehicle manufacturer bore significant responsibility for what happened, he said.

You may recall the crash occurred while Walker, 40, was on break from filming the seventh installment of the “Fast and the Furious” franchise series. He and Rodas, a 38-year-old husband and father, were at a charity event when they decided to drive away in the Carrera GT. Authorities would later say the vehicle was traveling 90 mph (a fact contested by the families of both Walker and Rodas) when Rodas, an auto shop owner, lost control of the car and it smashed into several trees and a concrete pole. Both men died within seconds as the vehicle burst into flames.  Continue reading

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Boston is the worst.crosswalk1

That is, if you’re driving. Or on a bicycle. Or walking somewhere.

As Boston car accident attorneys, we could have told you that based on our decades of experience. But we’re not the only ones who know. In 2015, Allstate ranked 200 major U.S. cities for the best and worst drivers in the country. Boston ranked dead last. 200th. Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise either that Worcester, MA ranked 199th, Springfield ranked 196th.

So given what we know about the poor driving habits in Boston and beyond, what can we do about it? Continue reading

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In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, distracted driving is real problem and leads to many serious car accidents. As part of their ongoing effort to curb distracted driving, state and local police are stepping enforcement in their respective jurisdictions as were now in the middle of Distracted Driving Awareness Month (April) in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

caraccident4Despite these increased efforts to deter distracted driving, and catch those driving in a negligent manner, a serious car accident in newton alleged to be the result of distracted driving was recently caught on video according to a new feature from NECN. Continue reading

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Prom is just as much about how you show up as what you wear. prom

So how is your teen getting to the prom this year?

Some of the options laid out in a recent Associated Press story:

  • Limousine
  • Charter/ Party Bus
  • Uber/ Lyft/ Other Ride-Sharing Service
  • Taxi
  • Drive Themselves

Generally, the thinking is that the option for those teens who refuse to be driven by their parents is to hire a driver. There is some wisdom to that, especially when you consider a recent poll that found more than 90 percent of teens believe their fellow classmates will drink and drive on prom night – but less than 30 percent believed that came with a high degree of danger. Another survey found that 1 in 10 teens reported being a passenger in a vehicle driven by someone under the influence of alcohol or drugs on prom night.

That is truly terrifying. Continue reading

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According to a recent news feature from the Boston Globe, a couple died when a tree in Abington, Massachusetts fell on their car as they were driving through the neighborhood. One witness has said he was shoveling snow off his driveway when he saw the tree fall across the front yard of a nearby home.

fire-brigade-759827-mHe said the tree came crashing down tearing through power lines and landed on the victims’ car as they were traveling down the street late on a Sunday morning. He said it was an absolutely “horrific” accident and he ran out into to street to see if he could help the victims.  He also yelled for his wife to call first responders to the scene. Continue reading

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According to a recent report from the Boston Herald, a head-on collision involving an area school bus resulted in one woman being seriously injured and several students on the bus having suffered what are being described as minor injuries.  The school bus crash occurred in Sudbury just before 4 p.m.

mWypFbUAuthorities say the female driver, who is 73 years old, was driving a passenger sedan that was badly damaged in the bus crash. She was seriously injured and trapped in her crushed vehicle.  When first responders arrived on the scene, they called for a fire department rescue squad and rescue personnel were eventually able to extract the victim from her car and take her to a local level one trauma center.  The bus was said to be transporting players on the girl’s rugby team.  Continue reading

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports there are 8.4 million registered motorcycles in the U.S., with an increase of about 13,000 in a recent single year. motorcycle

In Massachusetts, according to, there are approximately 159,000 registered motorcycles in the state, which ranks it 21st for motorcycles – even though it ranks only 14th in population.

Simply put: Massachusetts loves motorcycles. May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and our Boston motorcycle accident attorneys want to drive home a few points – whether you have been riding for years or just starting.  Continue reading