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Distracted driving is increasingly becoming one of the biggest problems on the road and the cause of many serious car accidents, including fatal car accidents.  Per a recent study by Zendrive,  Massachusetts drivers are among the most distracted.

Boston Distracted Driving AccidentsOne thing to keep in mind is that it is hard to quantify distracted driving accidents the way you can with drunk driving accidents.  When an officer approaches a driver at a drunk driving crash, it is usually readily apparent that the person was at the very least drinking alcoholic beverages. This is because alcoholic beverages often give off a strong odor that we think of as the smell of alcohol.   The reason we say think of as alcohol is because, as courts have noted, alcohol (ethanol) is a colorless and odorless liquid, but it is the flavors of alcohol (scotch, gin, beer for example) that actually emit the odor we often call alcohol. Continue reading

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If you are the parent of a teenager with a license, or who has friends with a license, you should be aware of the high risks of teen collisions during the summer months.  More than 5,000 people died in collisions during June, July, and August involving teen drivers between 2010 and 2014, according to CNNinjury attorney

Many of the accidents occur as a result of certain specific behaviors teens tend to do in the summer. Parents should be aware of the highest-risk activities teen drivers tend to do in the car and should make rules to prevent young people from causing accidents or putting themselves at risk of becoming a victim of an accident in a friend’s car.

If a teen does become involved in a collision as a passenger, the young victim can pursue a claim for compensation against the driver, even if the driver is the passenger’s friend.

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During summer holidays, the roads throughout Boston grow increasingly dangerous.

USA Today listed the most dangerous holidays of the year when the risks of motor vehicle collisions are at their highest. All of the big summer holidays, including Memorial Day, Labor Day and Independence Day are on the list along with Christmas, New Year’s and Thanksgiving. car accident

If you decide to throw a big holiday party to celebrate the season, or if you attend a summer festive event, it is important you are aware of the increased auto accident risks. There are a few key things you can do to prevent collisions so you or your guests do not become responsible for causing a crash and so you can reduce the chances of being hurt in a collision someone else has caused.

If an accident does happen, contact Boston car accident attorneys to find out options for pursuing legal action. Continue reading

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From Memorial Day to Labor Day, there is a significantly increased risk of auto accidents in Boston and throughout the United States. CNN reported on the elevated collision risk, which has grown worse in recent years. The dangers of summer driving accidents are so substantial, this period of time has actually been given a name: The 100 deadliest days of summer. There are numerous reasons why crashes are so prevalent in summer, ranging from high-risk holidays such as Fourth of July to more people traveling on road trips to teens being out of school and thus driving more often. summer injury

Motorists should be aware of the risk – especially teen drivers. Drivers need to try to avoid contributing to the problem, and to make sure they make smart choices while out on the roads so they reduce the chances of being injured or killed in a collision.

Unfortunately, even when drivers do everything right, reckless and negligent operators still cause collisions. If an accident occurs and you believe another driver was to blame for it, you can obtain compensation for losses by proving the other driver’s negligence caused your crash. A Boston car accident lawyer can provide help in making your damage claim. Continue reading

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The Milford Daily News recently reported a man from Bellingham was one of two killed in a fatal truck accident. One victim was 52-years-old at the time of his death, and the other victim was 61-years-old.

truck forwardThe accident involved a collision between a sport utility vehicle (SUV) and a full-sized semi tractor-trailer.  Following the accident, the truck had burst into flames, and the SUV was found on the side of the road with the front end destroyed and one side crushed.  The driver of the truck and the driver or the SUV were both killed as result of the injuries they respectively sustained in his horrific truck vs. car accident. Continue reading

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According to People Magazine, a former star of TV’s “The Bachelor” has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident following an alleged fatal car crash.  Soules was the star of Season 19 of the television show that originally aired in 2015.

car accidentAuthorities have said Soules was driving a pickup truck when he allegedly rear-ended a man driving a farm tractor.  A transcript of the 911 call Soules allegedly placed following the accident shows the caller admitting that he crashed into “a guy on a tractor.” Continue reading

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It is hard to imagine anything much worse a parent can experience than having to bury their child.  While there are so many things parents must worry about these days, driving safety is not always discussed, and it is one the more common ways that teens and young adults will be seriously injured or killed.

sadThis is why there are so many new efforts and continuing campaigns to stress driving safety for teens.  However, no matter how much outreach is done and how well parents educate their children, many of the accidents will still occur each year in Boston and in surrounding towns like Brockton. Continue reading

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Former NBA start and Boston Celtics great Isaiah Thomas lost his sister in a fatal car accident, according to a recent news article from The News Tribune.  Authorities say she was killed in a single-vehicle accident in Tacoma, Washington, where she was living prior to her tragic death. She was 22-years-old at the time she was accident

Authorities have said the fatal wreck occurred around 5 a.m. Witnesses say the driver appeared to be operating the vehicle in a normal and safe manner until it started drifting towards the shoulder in what they viewed as a “casual” manner.  The car, a 1998 Toyota Camry, continued to travel along the side of the road for around 50 feet when it crashed into a Jersey barrier.  For those who are not familiar with this term, it is a large modular barrier, typically made of concrete that is essentially in the shape of a triangle.  They are installed on a roadway in a linked series to divide traffic. They are called Jersey barriers because they were originally developed for the New Jersey department of transportation and are still used on just about every road in the state. Continue reading

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A recent news article from the Boston Herald takes a look at the city of Boston’s new plan to prevent a significant number of serious or fatal car accidents though the use of cutting edge technology at a citywide traffic management center.  The idea is that it is better to work towards to preventing crashes than merely having a fast response to crashes that have already occurred.

crosswalk1The theory is to rely on new and existing data collection methods to determine when a where a crash is likely to occur and make changes to the traffic patterns or step up traffic enforcement in those areas to prevent these crashes from happening. Continue reading

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According to a recent news article from The Boston Herald, a woman was killed after crashing her car into an eyeglass store in Medford, Massachusetts just north of Boston.  The accident occurred in the early morning hours.

car crashA spokesperson for the Massachusetts State Police (MSP) has said victim was the only person in the car, and she was pronounced dead at the scene.  Authorities do not know of the cause of the accident, but they are not ruling out a medical cause. Continue reading