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In the clear majority of car accidents, a car will collide with another vehicle such as a car, truck, SUV, or motorcycle. In some accidents, a car will collide with a pedestrian, and these are often accidents that result in serious personal injury or death.  In other cases, a car will crash into a fixed object such as a sign post, tree, utility pole, or other similar item.  However, in some cases, a car will crash into a residential or commercial building, and these crashes can result in serious personal injury to persons and property.

Boston car acccidents According to a recent news report from CBS Boston, car crashed into the emergency room of a Newton hospital.  There were reportedly two elderly women in the car that crashed through the glass front of the emergency room.  Authorities say there was nobody near the windows at the time of the crash, so nobody inside the hospital emergency room was injured. Continue reading

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When a car hits a pedestrian, there is often significant personal injury or death.  Due to the fact that a car weights over 2,000 pounds and is moving, and a pedestrian has almost no protection, the pedestrian would be very fortunate to only suffer minor injuries, and that is not usually the case.

Boston car accidentsFor this reason, car accident lawsuits often involve substantial damages.  Damages, which is the legal term for the monetary loss suffered in a Boston car accident, often include money for pain and suffering, lost wages, past medical bills, future medical expenses, rehabilitation expenses, and other types of special damages. Continue reading

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Each year, as millions of Americans celebrate Memorial Day with backyard cookouts and family get-togethers to mark the unofficial start to summer, there is another period we enter known as the “100 Deadliest Days for Teen Driving.”

car accident lawAs discussed in a recent news article from CBS Baltimore, during the roughly 100 days between Memorial Day in May and Labor Day in early September, thousands of traffic fatalities occur each year, and many of these deadly car accidents involve teen drivers.   As we have discussed in previous years, this has been the case for quite some time.  For example, in 2013, more than 371,000 people were injured and around 3,000 people were killed in car accidents during this period alone. Continue reading

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According to a recent report by The New York Times, car accidents are still a leading cause of child deaths nationwide. Many of those killed were not wearing seat belts. In children under the age of 15, the top cause of death is from unintentional injuries, and the clear majority of these injuries are caused by car accidents.

Boston car accidents Looking at the actual numbers, one study showed that between 2010 and 2015, 2,885 children were killed in car accidents.  That is an incredible number.  This number does not include those who were killed as pedestrians, on motorcycles, bicycles, or those riding in the back of a pickup truck.  Basically, we are only talking about kids who were in a normal passenger vehicle. Continue reading

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Aggressive driving is a serious problem in Boston, which was deemed last year to have the “worst drivers” in the U.S. – largely attributed to the arguably deserved reputation for being rude, argumentative and on the offensive.

But we certainly aren’t the only ones affected by this issue.

NFL cornerback Adam “Packman” Jones recently found himself in hot water – again – following an alleged road rage incident.

car accident lawyer BostonAccording to a recent news story from TMZ, he was involved in a car accident and then went on an expletive-filled tirade against the other driver. Jones was driving his Rolls-Royce at the time of the accident.  He said another car ran straight into him.  He then continued to curse, saying that his anger management classes must be working because while he may have screamed at the other driver, in the past had he not taken anger management classes, he would have smacked the other driver.  He then continued to make additional similar statements with more expletives interjected. Continue reading

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A Boston car accident can leave you reeling, unsure of your next move.

A recent news feature by CBS 12 News discussed what you should do following a serious car accident.  While it is likely that you may have already been in a serious Boston car accident if you are reading this blog, it is important to understand that these tips are general advice, but you may still have a valid case even if you did not follow any of them.

car accident lawyer Boston The first thing you should do is to check on the condition of everyone in your vehicle.  If you can safely exit the vehicle, you should do so.  It is not safe to remain in the vehicle if it is still in the way of traffic.  However, if someone in your vehicle has a serious injury, it is best not to move them until paramedics arrive, as you could do more damage trying to move a person with certain injuries.  There are, of course, circumstances that could override this general advice, such as if the vehicle is on fire, so you must use your best judgment. Continue reading

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Distracted driving is increasingly becoming one of the biggest problems on the road and the cause of many serious car accidents, including fatal car accidents.  Per a recent study by Zendrive,  Massachusetts drivers are among the most distracted.

Boston Distracted Driving AccidentsOne thing to keep in mind is that it is hard to quantify distracted driving accidents the way you can with drunk driving accidents.  When an officer approaches a driver at a drunk driving crash, it is usually readily apparent that the person was at the very least drinking alcoholic beverages. This is because alcoholic beverages often give off a strong odor that we think of as the smell of alcohol.   The reason we say think of as alcohol is because, as courts have noted, alcohol (ethanol) is a colorless and odorless liquid, but it is the flavors of alcohol (scotch, gin, beer for example) that actually emit the odor we often call alcohol. Continue reading

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If you are the parent of a teenager with a license, or who has friends with a license, you should be aware of the high risks of teen collisions during the summer months.  More than 5,000 people died in collisions during June, July, and August involving teen drivers between 2010 and 2014, according to CNNinjury attorney

Many of the accidents occur as a result of certain specific behaviors teens tend to do in the summer. Parents should be aware of the highest-risk activities teen drivers tend to do in the car and should make rules to prevent young people from causing accidents or putting themselves at risk of becoming a victim of an accident in a friend’s car.

If a teen does become involved in a collision as a passenger, the young victim can pursue a claim for compensation against the driver, even if the driver is the passenger’s friend.

Continue reading

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During summer holidays, the roads throughout Boston grow increasingly dangerous.

USA Today listed the most dangerous holidays of the year when the risks of motor vehicle collisions are at their highest. All of the big summer holidays, including Memorial Day, Labor Day and Independence Day are on the list along with Christmas, New Year’s and Thanksgiving. car accident

If you decide to throw a big holiday party to celebrate the season, or if you attend a summer festive event, it is important you are aware of the increased auto accident risks. There are a few key things you can do to prevent collisions so you or your guests do not become responsible for causing a crash and so you can reduce the chances of being hurt in a collision someone else has caused.

If an accident does happen, contact Boston car accident attorneys to find out options for pursuing legal action. Continue reading

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From Memorial Day to Labor Day, there is a significantly increased risk of auto accidents in Boston and throughout the United States. CNN reported on the elevated collision risk, which has grown worse in recent years. The dangers of summer driving accidents are so substantial, this period of time has actually been given a name: The 100 deadliest days of summer. There are numerous reasons why crashes are so prevalent in summer, ranging from high-risk holidays such as Fourth of July to more people traveling on road trips to teens being out of school and thus driving more often. summer injury

Motorists should be aware of the risk – especially teen drivers. Drivers need to try to avoid contributing to the problem, and to make sure they make smart choices while out on the roads so they reduce the chances of being injured or killed in a collision.

Unfortunately, even when drivers do everything right, reckless and negligent operators still cause collisions. If an accident occurs and you believe another driver was to blame for it, you can obtain compensation for losses by proving the other driver’s negligence caused your crash. A Boston car accident lawyer can provide help in making your damage claim. Continue reading